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KEDGE wins the prize in the Best Corporate Relations category at the Agires Synergy Trophies

The 165 companies recognised KEDGE's work regarding corporate relations. KEDGE received awards in all five of the prestigious prizes given out by the AGIRES Synergie association. 106 business and engineering schools competed for these awards.

A new trophy that proves KEDGE’s competency to ensure the employability of our students and graduates, even in times of crisis.


On 22 June, the annual Agires Synergy awards ceremony took place virtually. This event rewards schools that foster interaction between higher education institutions and companies. To decide which schools receive the awards, the organiser collected votes from more than 165 companies, including many of our partner companies with whom we work throughout the year.


KEDGE received awards in all five of the competition’s categories:



Best Company Relations Trophy: 1st place

KEDGE received this award for the quality of its overall approach and initiatives in terms of its relationships with recruiting companies. We work with companies on their employer brand strategy and assist them in their challenges to recruiting young talent by collaborating with campus managers to design tailored measures to ensure their impact on our communities.





Favourites Trophy: KEDGE won the for its MyWay action

Our flagship MyWay Days attracted the attention of the voters. MyWay Days are organised twice a year for all our students, with more than 90 companies participating. This means that students are able to attend conferences and workshops led by company managers, many of whom are KEDGE graduates who work in partner companies. This is a unique opportunity for our students to get an overview of the opportunities and occupations available to them, while at the same time establishing advantageous contacts with companies that participate in order to boost their employer brand.

Career and Integration Trophy: 2nd place

This award was for KEDGE’s achievements in supporting the employability of its students and graduates. In 2020/2021, our school organised more than 290 webinars and workshops for its students and young graduates, enlisted the help of 500 companies during its six recruitment forums, and provided its students with more than 1,600 hours of individual coaching. Additionally, it offered mentoring opportunities between graduates and students.

Connection Builder Trophy: 2nd place

Here, the school was rewarded for its ability to connect the corporate world with students. We are thinking in particular of the excellent statistics of the placement of KEDGE students in companies (6,900 internships and 2,100 apprenticeship contracts this year - an increase of 40% compared to the previous year: a real feat in these times of crisis! Additionally, as a result of our Focus Groups, recruitment managers of young talent are able to hear the opinions of students to guide or validate their employer brand strategy. 

Placing The Company in the Institution’s Strategy Trophy: 2nd place

KEDGE places the company, which provides professional opportunities for our students and graduates, at the centre of its strategy. For example, our Be-U programme has been certified by 10 companies, including Veepee, L'Oreal, Deloitte, and P&G. KEDGE organises improvement and strategic committees with these companies in which they assess whether the content of our courses is in line with the future needs of the job.


The school's entire Corporate Relations team joins its senior management in thanking both the companies that voted for our establishment and Agires Synergie for these giving us these awards. We are more determined than ever to continue the work of improving our services and keep this distinction.


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