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KEDGE Alumni takes stock of its activities...

The school year is coming to an end and we would like to share with you the network’s annual figures, and to thank you warmly for your involvement in the life of the Alumni Association and the school.

In 2020, the network will have 68,343 graduates and 13,000 students, of which 42,208 are members*, but also ...


Events & Services 💬

Although we have been strongly impacted by the health crisis, our events policy and our various services have again this year attracted many graduates and students. Our network was able to adapt to this very unusual context, primarily by offering many of our workshops online.

  • 188 events in France and abroad, organised by more than 200 volunteers;
  • 12,238 participants in these events (in person or live on our social networks);
  • 45 workshops and collective and individual services: 622 participants;
  • Student mentoring: 1,217 alumni mentors, 10,172 contacts with KEDGE alumni, 3,342 pairs matched;
  • 102,006 offers of employment, including 12,951 submitted by partners or graduates on our Job board.


Communication 💻

  • 322 articles published, mainly portraits of graduates that we share on the networks and in our newsletter ;
  • Creation of a FR/EN newsletter every 15 days for our members;
  • 107,240 members total on our social networks;
  • Facebook Live (or retransmission), about 6,000 participants;
  • 42,659 visits per month to the Alumni website;
  • The creation and implementation of a new graphic charter.


These constantly changing results are yours!

  • Indeed, you are the vitality of the network, its strength by:
  • involving yourself in organising events, sitting on juries, or servings as a mentor;
  • participating in meetings and services;
  • sharing your suggestions to help it make the network grow.


We hope to have more of you by our side from the start of the school year, even if the health requirements will continue to have a strong impact on our physical events. We wish you a very nice summer and look forward to seeing you from 17 August 2020. Again, congratulations and thank you!

The KEDGE Alumni team


* Please note: the network’s activities are open to all, whether or not you’re a member. In addition, each student and graduate has his or her personal profile on, which we suggest you update regularly so as not to lose contact.


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