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A young Kedger counts among the fencing elite!

Jade Marechal, first year student at Kedge Business School, is a specialist in foil fencing as well as a formidable competitor.

Originally from Saint-Sulpice-et-Cameyrac, Jade Marechal is a young lady from Bordeaux who, after having obtained her science BAC with honours, started at KEDGE to do an International EBP.

Fascinated with the white fencing uniforms, and following in the steps of her older sister, Jade began fencing when she was 9 years old

Now 18, she already has a good track record, including winning a silver medal with the French team at the World Cup in Zagreb, and holding the title of champion of the 2017 France N2 Senior which she won while competing as a junior. Jade is currently 3rd National Junior, 115th World and 22nd National Senior! Jade Maréchal has also made it on the ministerial sportif espoir list.

The young Kedger trains daily in a high-level structure (CREFED at Bec Fencing in Bordeaux) under the tutelage of master of arms Dimitri Audren "who doesn’t stop finding ways to make me perform, pushing my limits, and continuing to grow into the young athlete I am today, "says Jade.

Fencing has taught me two important things in life: Autonomy and perseverance”

Full of determination, Jade’s goal is clear. “I want to go to the 2024 Olympics, and I train every day for that!  That goal has come out of so many others. At first, I wanted to make it to the French Top 20 French, and then to the Top 10. Today, I'm in the Top 3! [...] After winning county, regional, and national competitions, I competed in the World Cup as part of the French team for the first time in Zagreb, Croatia," exclaims the young champion.

Once she graduates from KEDGE, Jade wants to work in sales in the luxury and aeronautics fields. "KEDGE BS is a school that lets me to manage my project, with teachers who listen and truly committed programme staff. I really want to bring my fencing and studies to the highest level.”

Unfortunately, fencing is an expensive sport. Even the financial assistance she gets from the federation of leagues and her parents isn’t enough to cover all the expenses of a season. That's why for the last two years she has been looking for partners who believe in her.




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