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A Kedger has received 1st prize for best geopolitical work due to his investigations on tax havens

A 2003 KEDGE, Vincent Piolet has just released his book, the result of several years of research on tax havens

After having gone the classic route of taking prep classes, Vincent Piolet began studying finance at KEDGE in 1999 at its Bordeaux campus. "I very quickly became interested in the mechanisms of offshore finance and financial crime [...] I remember Bernard Sionneau's International Relations courses, particularly the geopolitical concept of grey areas and territories of lawlessness where this crime proliferates in the form of offshore finance,” said Vincent.

After he graduated in 2003, he began a career in internal auditing at an energy group, and took advantage of his travels in unstable territories in Africa, South America, and the Middle East, to feed his interest in geopolitics. At the same time, he did a PhD in geopolitics at the University of Paris 8. Often thinking of his International Relations courses, as well as the investigations by Denis Robert on offshore finance which came out at the same time, Vincent decided to focus his research on tax havens. "Understanding the shadow banking system has always interested me," he said. 

Currently, while continuing his research into tax havens, Vincent continues to work in internal auditing at a major international group, with specialising in auditing anti-fraud controls, corruption risk, and - more generally - the risks related to non-compliance. our national laws like Sapin II, but also to guard against the extraterritoriality of US laws like the FCPA.

Vincent Piolet also teaches courses in geopolitics. “I regularly publish articles on the subject, and contributed towards a Bill that established a list of tax havens. Finally, I have just published the book "Paradis fiscaux: enjeux géopolitiques" (“Tax havens: geopolitical issues”) (Technip, 2019),” he added.

His book, “Paradis fiscaux: enjeux géopolitiques" (“Tax havens: geopolitical issues”) (Technip, 2019) has already received the prize for the best book on geopolitics at the Festival de géopolitique de Grenoble (Grenoble Geopolitics Festival). It deals with the subject of tax havens from an unprecedented angle: that of geopolitics. Far from simply being a new catalogue indexing the different techniques of tax evasion - an attempt doomed to fail as the trick of tax experts is limitless and the laws are perpetually changing - this book aims to trace the geopolitical stakes that have always dominated the subject of tax havens.

Vincent is also the author of Regarde ta jeunesse dans les yeux - Naissance du hip hop français 1980-1990 (“Look your youth in the eyes - Birth of French hip hop 1980-1990") (Le mot, et al, 2018). This book is the result of three years of investigation and, has unanimously been recognised by the press as the being the best book on the subject of French hip hop.




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