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Why is it important to mention KEDGE on your LinkedIn Profile (and no longer BEM or Euromed)?

The merger of BEM Bordeaux and Euromed Marseille in 2013 represented a crucial step in increasing the value of your degree and in the development of your respective schools. Today, KEDGE Business School can safely say that the merger has been a success, and has concrete proof to back it up (ranking, projections). But, as with any merger, it'll take time before such an important page in our history has been fully turned. It is up to the school's entire teaching and administrative staff, as well as the school's 54,000 graduates - the first witnesses to this development - to support the transition, notably on social media. 


Because together, we are stronger

One of the main objectives of the merger was to build a stronger and more internationally competitive school. Thanks to the merger, the influence of our two former names has expanded, and has allowed KEDGE Business School to improve its international ranking, and therefore, to add value to your diploma. By mentioning KEDGE on your resume, your bio, your company's website, or on your LinkedIn Profile, you will be taking advantage of this development.

More than simply merging several student campuses, this important step also merged two powerful alumni networks, resulting in the creation of a single more powerful network. By displaying KEDGE on your profiles, you are showing that you belong to an even bigger community than before.

Finally, our strategy for mutual support for the future is based on the building of bridges between current and former students. By adhering to the KEDGE BS brand, you are lending a helping hand to many young talents for whom KEDGE is the only name in line with the times.


Because it is recognisable everywhere and by all 

After the successful merger between BEM and Euromed, a great number of companies reached out to KEDGE BS for several reasons, notably because they felt that a partnership could benefit them. Therefore, whether it is during their recruitment processes or their participation in job fairs, they recognise the KEDGE BS brand. Mentioning your school's new name on your profile is, therefore, a way to increase your career chances when you meet someone new. 

Although BEM and Euromed (two names with a regional connotation) were nationally renown at the time, their union under an English name has helped them cross borders and be better understood abroad. This logical choice makes even more sense as KEDGE has opened campuses in Paris, Shanghai, Dakar... At a time when the effects of globalisation are felt every second, it would be a shame to not take advantage of this guarantee of quality.

Finally, on social media, it is important that your information is clearly identifiable: your name, your current position, your location, and your alma mater. Mentioning KEDGE BS in the "Education" section on your LinkedIn Profile will enable you notably to: 

  • Appear in LinkedIn's directory for your school 
  • Show that you belong to a strong network of 60,000 contacts
  • Allow other Kedgers, as well as the teaching staff, to find you more easily 
  • To easily access the school's private groups (the same applies to Facebook)


Because it accelerates your school's development

Our society is changing at an incredible pace and yesterday's certainties are constantly being challenged. Strategy, communication, priorities: BEM and Euromed's development axes have greatly changed since we've moved into the "KEDGE era". Displaying your school's new identity on your LinkedIn profile helps ensure the success of the transition, which is in line with the times and in which every graduate has a role to play. 

Finally, it is important that the entire KEDGE BS community (students, alumni, teaching staff, management) prove to all those watching from the outside that KEDGE BS is a coherent project, through, for example, its visibility in your media appearances (interviews, press, web). "Influencers" from your school are its best spokespeople. 


Practical application: what do I need to check?

Below is a series of steps that you can take today: 

  • Mention "KEDGE Business School" in the "Education" section on your LinkedIn profile
  • Mention "KEDGE Business School" in the "University" section on your Facebook profile
  • Mention "KEDGE Business School" on your resume (online and paper) 
  • Mention "KEDGE Business School" in your bio on your company's website 
  • Mention "KEDGE Business School" when you speak to the press 
  • Mention "KEDGE Business School" whenever you have the opportunity to talk about your degree.


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