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Past events

  1. Tuesday 21st May
    Sports event in Montreal

    Attention KEDGE alumni in Montreal! Marie Broudic and Gwendoline Duval, our local animators in Montreal, invite alumni to come to our next meeting and discover the games in the business world. Whether it's to motivate...

  1. Wednesday 30th January
    Afterwork in Tokyo

    Attention Alumni of Tokyo!  Our local host, Miléna Osika, invites Kedgers to get back together for a casual social for the start of 2019.  Miléna has chosen a Japanese restaurant this time.  The meet-up will be held at ...

  1. Wednesday 23rd January
    Evening conference in Montreal

    Attention Alumni in Canada! Our local branch in Montreal, hosted by Gwendoline Duval and Marie Broudic, and in partnership with ESC Pau, Grenoble School of Management, Toulouse Business School, and Montpellier Business...

  1. Thursday 8th November
    Exceptional Afterwork in Montreal

    Attention alumni in Montreal! Following the success of our last Alumni get together in Montreal, our local hosts Gwendoline Duval and Marie Mougin have the pleasure of inviting Kedgers to a very exceptional meeting on T...

  1. Thursday 6th September
    Networking evening in Montreal

    Attention all Alumni in Montreal! Because we must make the summer last as long as possible, and we mustn’t forget our roots, the hosts of our Montreal branch, Marie Broudic and Gwendoline Duval, invite Kedgers to...

  1. Saturday 16th June
    Inter-school BBQ Potluck in Montreal

    Kedgers in Montreal – mark the 16th of June in your calendars! Summer has arrived in Montreal, and now’s the chance to get together to network around a barbecue/picnic in the park. Because good relationships...

  1. Tuesday 10th April
    Alumni Event in Montréal

    For all Alumni in Montréal, an exceptional event! Tuesday, April 10th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, your managers are pleased to invite you to come discover one of the successes of the Kedge network: the GEEV application, in the...

  1. Thursday 22nd March
    Alumni Event in Montreal

    Attention Kedgers in Montreal! On Thursday, March 22th, our alumni from the branch in Montreal are pleased to invite you to an informative evening, for the second meet-up of 2018! Do you want advice on how to declare your...

  1. Monday 5th March
    KEDGE Alumni Breakfast Event in NYC

    On the occasion of the visit of Patrick SEGUIN, President of the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Pascal FAUGERE, Director General of the Bordeaux CCI, KEDGE BS Alumni is inviting all alumni in NYC to a breakfast...

  1. Wednesday 31st January
    Alumni Meet-Up in Montréal

    Marie Broudic and Gwendoline Duval, the managers of the Alumni branch in Montréalwish you a very Happy New Year 2018 Once again, this year, we will organise conferences and networking opportunities, as well as the...

  1. Thursday 19th October
    Afterwork in Montreal

    Marie Broudic and Gwendoline Duval, the dynamic managers of our KEDGE Alumni Branch in Montreal, are pleased to invite you to an exceptional Alumni event and a chance to meet: Tashina GIRAUD, Director of the KEDGE Campus in...

  1. Wednesday 13th September
    Afterwork in Montreal

    Marie Broudic and Gwendoline Duval are pleased to invite you to the End of Summer Bocce Ball Tournament. Wednesday, September 13,  2017, from 5:30 pm at the Parc Lafontaine             Bocce Ball Courts - Parc Lafontaine ...

  1. Wednesday 26th July
    Informal 6&8 in Montreal

    Let's celebrate summer in Montreal! Marie BROUDIC, ESC class of 2007, Gwendoline DUVAL, Cesemed class of 2010 and Guillaume CAULIER, IMPI class of 2006, the dynamic trio of managers for the Alumni Branch in MONTREAL, are...

  1. Wednesday 5th April
    Special Meeting for alumni in Montréal

    Marie BROUDIC, Guillaume CAULIER, Gwendoline DUVAL and Olivier FRANCOIS, our dynamic hosts for the Alumni Branch in Montréalcordially invites all Kedge alumni in Montréal, to a special evening with: Bernard COVA, Marketing...

  1. Thursday 2nd February
    Meeting in Montréal

    Marie BROUDIC, Promotion ESC 2007, Gwendoline DUVAL, Cesemed 2010 et Guillaume CAULIER, IMPI 2006, notre dynamique trio d'animateurs de l'antenne de MONTREAL, a le plaisir de vous inviter à vous retrouver pour une soirée...

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