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Makito, this kedger’s "sushiburritos" are a hit in Bordeaux!

A 2017 graduate of KEDGE BS, David Fontenay has recently opened an unusual fast-food restaurant in the centre of Bordeaux.

After having received a DUT Tech (University Diploma in Technology) at IUT of Bordeaux, David did a DUETI (University Diploma in International Technological Studies) in commercial tourism in Madrid for 1 year and, in 2014, he received his Master in Management Grand Ecole from KEDGE.

As part of his KEDGE studies, he did a work placement year in San Francisco to work as a business developer. It is there that he discovered this new type of fast food. He then travelled in Asia for several months validating his distance learning and, for his final semester, he attended a commercial banking school in Mexico.

“Kedge gave me the know-how, and particularly the ability to do an internship abroad where I learned to manage the large part of a business”, he explains. Upon returning to France with a double degree under his belt (Grand Ecoles Master and Spé Administrative Strategies), David and his partner immediately jumped into creating his fast-food restaurant. Makito has been open for 6 months, and has been very successful. The two associates are already planning on opening a second restaurant.


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Entre midi et deux, Sushiburrito sur le cours Victor Hugo 🍣🌯🛴

Une publication partagée par Makito Bordeaux (@makito_bordeaux) le

Une publication partagée par Makito Bordeaux (@makito_bordeaux) le 14 Sept. 2018 à 12 :58 PDT


So, what it is about Makito that makes it so special?

Makito is the fusion between maki and a burrito! A new concept that is very attractive. It takes the form of a giant maki, that you eat the same way you would a burrito. Makito creates gastronomic fusions by combining cuisines from around the world, in an innovative and unique format.

The makitos can be accompanied with pico de gallo, tzatziki, or guacamole, and the different combinations vary from 13€ to 15.

To try it out, direction 67, Cours Victor Hugo or have it delivered!




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