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Legal Notice

                                                        Protection of your personal data.


In accordance with the French "Information technology, data files, and civil liberties" law of January 6, 1978, no personal information is collected with the members' knowledge. 
The website of the professional network was registered by the "Correspondants Informatique et Libertés" (Information technology and civil liberties correspondents" under authorisation number 1339525.

The professional network is not accessible to all. Access is reserved to members of the network, who have accepted the charter and have a login ID and password. 

The information collected from members of the network via a form can only be consulted by members of the network (students, graduates, representatives of companies who have previously been granted authorisation) who have committed to respecting the network's operating charter in order to support alumni in their career advancement. 

Only the names of alumni appear in the directory. Their CV only appears if they want it to, and always anonymously (without their name or address). Their name and address only appear on the CV if they directly send it to a member of the network (after a direct solicitation or in response to a published job offer). 
Member data can by no means be used for commercial or political purposes. Each member and/or partner authorised to consult the network's data must respect this condition. 

The members of the network can provide access, modify or delete any of their data by sending an email to the above-mentioned person in charge. 

                                                               Charter of the BEM Professional Network


The goal of the professional network of the BEM Talents BEM Talents (hereinafter referred to as "BEM Talents") is to facilitate the professional integration and career advancement of its alumni by putting them in contact with one another and with partner companies and enabling them to keep in contact with BEM.


1. Object

The present charter aims to set the general terms of use of the network's services by its members. 

The network offers its members:
- a lifelong email address service that allows for the redirection of emails to a personal account, without a storage limit, reserved to alumni,

- an alumni directory,

- a job board service,

- information and news services (newsletters, events, calendar, etc....),

- a forum service,

- the possibility to create groups and organise surveys, according to the specific conditions outlined below. 

BEM Talents offers these services and tools in accordance with the below terms of use. When certain services have additional terms of use, the user will be informed of these terms via a popup requested that he/she accept the terms. 

BEM Talents ensures the hosting of these services and the availability of tools technically, directly or indirectly. Each member of the network is responsible for his/her use of the information or messages he/she shares on the website. 

You use the website www.bem-talents.com under your only and whole responsibility. BEM Talents cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages, such as material loss, loss of data or programmes, financial loss, that result from the use of this website or any associated websites. 

We draw your attention to the fact that certain products or services presented on the website www.bem-talents.com may be the subject of particular regulations, or even restrictions and/or prohibitions in certain countries. 

As such, you must ensure that the laws of the country from which you are browsing authorise the viewing of the website www.bem-talents.com


2. Conditions for enrolment and access to the network

The network is intended for those graduates of the: EBP, ESC, IMPI, IMR, ISLI, ISMQ, MACI, MAI, MIM, and SUP'TG programmes, as well as the partner companies that have been authorised to share job offers.

Staff members from BEM Talents may also become a member of the network after being authorised by the President of BEM Talents and being informed of the network's operating conditions, and having explicitly accepted to be a member and to respect the charter. 

The members of the network have a login ID and password. The password is personal and confidential. Each member of the network is responsible for the use of his/her password and agrees not to share it under any circumstances. 

From the first use of your personal access information, the acceptation of the present charter as a contract regulating the relationship between BEM Talents and the members of the professional network. This contract is valid for one year, with tacit renewal for one year periods via the annual confirmation or updating by the member of his/her personal information. The member of the network can put an end to the contract at any time. 

3. Available personal information: propriety and protection 

The data about the alumni, included on the website of the association, are provided by BEM Talents. They include their name, marital status, contact information and the national degrees they received. The following information is updated by the alumni themselves (optional): 

- Education and degrees: useful supplementary information (education in other countries, other degrees obtained, titles of thesis or research papers, foreign languages)

- Personal contact information

- Current situation

- When relevant, current and previous jobs: Company, Activity Sector, Position, Location, Type of Contract, Professional Contact information 

- Personal email address

- Curriculum vitae (partially completed with previous information)

Even though we have done all we can to ensure the reliability of the information provided on our website, BEM Talents cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions, or for the results that may come from the use of this information. 

The identity of the members of the network (alumni) is only visible in the "Directory" and "Geolocation" sections. 

CVs are published online anonymously. It is up to the member to provide his/her name and contact information directly to the other network members of his/her choosing, in response to a direct solicitation or a published job offer. 

The persons representing companies must provide the following information:

- Identity: Name, position in the company

- Company's Identification: Corporate Name, Activity Sector, number of employees

- Company Address

- Contact person in the company

The members of the network agree to provide true and accurate information when registering on the website and to update the information if it changes. Members will be contacted by BEM Talents regularly for this purpose. 

The recipients of the data are exclusively members of the network who have received their login ID and have a password.

The information in BEM Talents' professional network remains the property of its members. BEM Talents is the sole entity authorised to the hold said information and commits to not selling it or transferring it to a third party, and agrees that the information will not be used for any other purposes but to be put online on the network's website. However, is the case of partnerships with alumni associations grouped together within the network, the personal data provided by the members of said associations on the network's website could be transferred with the authorisation of the relevant members. 

You are likely to be contacted by BEM for similar purposes as those pursued by BEM Talents. If you do not wish to be contacted, check the appropriate box in your personal space, "Networks" tab, then "Social Networks". 

The BEM Talents professional network is protected by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, notably the provisions on database protection. Any person who builds a database file with information obtained from the BEM Talents network, and who makes it available to a third party, for free or in exchange for a payment, without BEM Talents' authorisation and in violation of the present charter, could face civil and/or criminal charges in accordance with those provided for in the Intellectual Property Code. 

In accordance with law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, regarding information technology, data files and civil liberties, each member of the network has a right to oppose, access, and correct information in the database concerning him/her. Any member of the network can freely modify or delete information that he/she has provided on the network's website. He/She may also request that information provided by BEM Talents be corrected, completed, clarified, updated or deleted. He/She may exercise his/her rights at any time by sending an email (with return receipt) to the person in charge of managing the professional network (email address provided in the preamble). 

The member of the network recognises that he/she is informed of the risks related to using the Internet and networks, including notably the fact that information related to his/her personal information could be copied or intercepted. The member of the network agrees to accept these risks, and that BEM Talents can in no way be held responsible. BEM Talents provides all the technical and human resources it can to ensure a permanently high level of security in accordance with the current regulations to prevent malicious attacks. 

4. Forums, sharing messages within the network 

Discussion forums available on the network's website are reserved for members of the network and persons authorised by BEM Talents. BEM Talents cannot be held responsible for the content of messages shared and provided by members in these forums. 

The members of the network agree that, if they exist, moderators on Forum monitor the messages provided by members in these discussion forums. 

The members of the network agree that the content of their messages do not in any way violate:

- the rights of persons and goods,

- the laws and regulations in place in France, in his/her country of residence, or the country from which they data is being sent, and

- does not contain a virus or any other programme that may cause damage. 

He/She agrees to not send messages or illicit data that is defamatory, threatening, or offensive. The sharing of any non-solicited publicity or sales message or any political, union, or religious messages is strictly forbidden. 

Network members are forbidden from sending mass emails to other network members. He/She agrees to respect the image and reputation of BEM Talents and to not make any declarations or actions that could be damaging. 

The non-respect of these rules will lead to the removal of the member who authored the litigious message(s) from the network and to charges being filed by BEM Talents.

5. Job Offers

All members of the network who can publish or share job offers agree to not use forbidden or discriminatory criteria. In particular, job offers that discriminate based on the following criteria are forbidden: 

* origin, 
* sex,
* morals,
* pregnancy,
* family situation,
* race, ethnicity, or nationality,
* political opinions,
* union or cooperative activities,
* religious beliefs,
* health,
* handicap,
* sexual orientation,
* age,
* physical appearance,
* family name,
* genetic characteristics.

(Art. L 1132-1, L 1142-1, L 5531-2 of Labour Code)

6. Groups

Members of the network, for example, members of a same association, can create groups, by sending a request to the network manager. The existence of a group enables its members to organise forums, or surveys, share messages, information, and job offers within a restricted circle of members. The group activities take place in accordance with the rules of the present charter. 

7. Non-respect of the Charter 

BEM Talents has the right to remove from the network any member that has not respected one of the clauses of the present charter. The members access to the network will immediately be revoked after a message is sent from BEM Talents. 

8. Modification of the Charter

The present Charter can be unilaterally modified by BEM, notably to conform with new legal provisions or rules. Members of the network will be informed of any changes via a publication on the website or via email. 

Any new access by the member following the transmission of the New Charter acts as a tacit acceptation of the Charter by the member.


The present Charter is regulated by French law. Any litigation related to the validity, interpretation, or execution of the present Charter after failed mediation attempts will be submitted to the relevant tribunals. 

General Terms of Use of the website www.bem-talents.com  drafted on April 17, 2009